Rural games shine in Rajasthan

A recently concluded traditional sports tournament held in Jaipur brings the lens back on our rich and cultural sports heritage and a feeling of the actual rural milieu from which they originate. Seen above is the popular Rumal-Jhapatta (Grab the handkerchief) played by girls in Gaaghra-Odhni traditional attire. (Himanshu Vyas/ht photo)

Rival teams in Rumal-Jhapatta consist of 7-10 members on both sides, standing in line 10 metres from a handkerchief kept in a circle of a diameter of approximately 1 meter. As the referee calls two players from both sides, they rush and try to pick up the handkerchief and run back towards their line before their rival player tries to catch them and score a point. (Himanshu Vyas/ht photo)

Girls wearing traditional attire from a Jaipur city team rejoice over their win after defeating rivals in the Rumal-Jhapatta game. (Himanshu Vyas/ht photo) 

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Updated: 15/04/2017 — 07:19

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