RR 10 Day Ticket Pisac

It has taken 3, actually 4, trips to Pisac for me to start seeing what the archaeological site has to reveal to us. The maze of walkways and stairs meandering throughout the stacked stone structures of different sizes and shapes, that are melded into sections of a vast complex that surrounds the mountain peak. They create an image of importance and you can bet we will be doing some deeper digging into the locations and positioning of things that came to light while making this video. Understanding what is before us by reading the signs may give a different angle to view the site from.
Without a doubt we have constructions created by the Wari and pre-Wari cultures mixed in with the Inca additions. This is a place of antiquity and will be one of the enigmas that make up the Grand Enigma of what the Sacred Valley and the surrounding region reveals to us, one layer at a time.

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Updated: 30/05/2017 — 00:46

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