Crews continue to dig out Highway 1 after massive landslide

A May landslide buried vast stretches out Highway 1 near San Luis Obispo/Monterey County line. (CalTrans)

MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. – California Department of Transportation crews are continuing their efforts to restore sections of California State Route 1 after last month’s major mudslide.

The May 20 landslide dramatically reshaped the California coastline.

Slide material stretched out over 600 feet out into the ocean creating 15 acres of new land. A quarter-mile section of Highway 1 remains under rock and dirt 1,700 feet wide.

CalTrans says about 75 acres of land were displaced, including the 15 acres out to sea or 2.4 million yards of slide debris weighing approximately 4.2 million tons. The slide is currently still active with access restricted. Read more

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Updated: 30/06/2017 — 09:28

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