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RAPTURE! You’ll CRY if You Watch This Video

There is only one thing what disturb me and that is that there is no seven years of tribulation. The soon the rapture is a fact, satan is falling like a dragon on earth, he cannot enter heaven again and there is a possibility he used to be the public transport. he come as the antichrist and as the buddha maitreya, and the so much gods and religions he’d create, so by assimilation he made peace. Even with the jews and the arabic world. Not only is satan down here but also the two prophets, Moses and Eliah, and what they done than, they shall do now as well. After the three and a half year peace and no danger, satan will sit in the new temple and declare that he isn’t who he is and that time will be tribulation, but only for a half week. The prophets will be killed… and on the end of the whole week, the Lord Jesus Christ will return with His body, that will be the same people as in harpaso.

We will go with the woman into the desert and on the same time there will be 33 years tribulation for the rest of the world. In case if you want to know exactly what is gonna be happening, see the left sidebar with “Bible Panorama” (the Dutch version is above) and read the pdf.

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Baggerjuffie – Mudlarking along the River Thames London

The Thames foreshore is a fascinating archaeological site when the tide is out. Each tide washes out pieces of history from London’s past. And the Thames also throws out modern stories, such as messages in bottles and religious offerings. This video is a medley of recent mudlarking excursions along the River Thames.

Updated: 29/07/2017 — 21:07
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