Helly Hansen, what are you doing me now?

What is that with clothing sizes? I ordered by a Dutch company Smit & Van Rijsbergen B.V. in Haarlem, a rain pants TPA3001 RWS yellow 503001 and a parka TPG3001 RWS yellow 403005 both with size 7XL and it don’t fit. I got a short with size 7XL what fit perfect, see: Helly Hansen, this is 7XL!

The rain pant of yours I can’t get on my butt, hardly not over my upperlegs, and the parka won’t close because my belly won’t fit in.

Is it that Helly Hanson have a big mouth and is it like screaming that you can handle all sizes and instead you sell a 4XL for a seven? Well, you’re not the only one, before I ordered by Smit & Van Rijsbergen B.V., I place an order by Motozoom in Amsterdam, bought me a raincoat with size 8XL did’t fit me either, and a rain pants 10XL because a few years ago had a 10XL and it fits wel, but nor either this one fit NOT.

Years ago I was walking over the famous Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam, and a salesman screams: We’ve got all sizes, until I ask or he did have my size, without answering me he started to scream:


Just a week ago I hear from somebody living in Rotterdam that he bought himself a oil suit for the price of just €10,= for what I ordered by you Helly Hansen, I’ve to pay more than €160,=

Why do you sell “plastics” with a wrong size and so terribly expensive?

Are we still live in 1940-45 that everyone who deviates gets a neck shot instead have to pay a fortune for a oil suit?

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Updated: 12/07/2017 — 15:00

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