Where’s Vietnam in the global value chain?

Ten years ago, the risk for Vietnam was that it might miss the glbal ‘integration train’. Today, the question is where is Vietnam in that train?

On May 25, Vibiz, a website of Yoilo Global, released the results of its survey, saying that 64 percent of rice available in the market is Vietnam’s but is labeled with foreign brands.

The survey also found that 53 percent of consumers like foreign rice sourced from Thailand, Cambodia and Japan, despite the fact that Vietnam is a big rice grower and that there are 67 rice varieties, but only 21 are given Vietnamese names.

Vietnam’s rice doesn’t bear its true name in foreign markets: importers buy Vietnam’s rice and then label the rice with their brands to sell at supermarkets in their markets, or export to third countries.

The ‘rice sorrow’ can be explained by the theory about the production value chain. Farmers determine which rice varieties to grow, while they cultivate and harvest rice in traditional ways. Read more

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Updated: 11/07/2017 — 08:35

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