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Purim costumes you’ll want to copy

Skateboard version of the Titanic, Zombies, Trump takeoffs and more hit the streets of Israel during Purim 2017.

Costumed Israelis in central Jerusalem ahead of the Jewish holiday of Purim. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/FLASH90

An electric skateboard version of the Titanic won over the Internet for Purim 2017. But Trump lookalikes, Zombies and an array of other colorful characters also made lots of folks smile during this year’s Purim festival.

The Purim holiday is a time of celebration and also a time for self-expression. Israeli creativity is at its best as children and adults dress up for the holiday.

Aviram Carmeli, of Tel Aviv, dressed up as Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet – stars of the “Titanic” movie — and rode through city streets on an electric skateboard that looked like the ill-fated cruise ship.

This was actually the second time Carmeli hit online fame for Purim. Last year, he converted his electric skateboard into a flying carpet and donned an Aladdin costume while riding through the streets of Tel Aviv. Read more

Updated: 26/03/2017 — 09:13

Restaurant helps unbearably sad and lost teddy find owner

Bearguette is waiting for his little human to take him home after he was left at a bakery on the weekend. Photo / Facebook

There is a very sad child somewhere in the world tonight, without a fluffy best friend to offer a bear hug.

Amano bakery in Britomart is not hiring a bearister but they are searching for the owner of a well-loved teddy named Bearguette, which was left at the restaurant on Sunday.

Although Bearguette assures his owner he is safe and sound, he is eager to go home.

“Don’t worry, I’m being very well fed and all the staff are super nice! They’ve even named me Bearguette! But I really miss my owner and I want to go home. Can you please help me find them?

Updated: 27/02/2017 — 22:46
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